Work With an Experienced Inspector and General Contractor

Work With an Experienced Inspector and General Contractor

We help Realtors through the buying or selling processes in Vancouver, Gresham, WA

Whether you're buying or selling a home that you've flipped or you're working with a client to achieve one of the same goals, Accurate Home Inspection LLC is here to help. We know that buying or selling a property is a huge real estate decision, so we partner with real estate agents in the area to simplify the buying or selling process.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to chat with one of our home inspectors with general contracting experience.

What all can we do for you?

Accurate Home Inspection is a husband and wife team that's committed to delivering in-depth reports and services. Turn to us for the following services before you buy or sell a home:

General home inspections
Radon testing
Home water testing
General contracting maintenance and repair

If you're a Realtor in the Vancouver, Gresham, WA area who needs any of the above services, get in touch with us right away.